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Wish I'd Known That

May 7, 2020

Richard Kestenbaum is the co-founder and a partner at Triangle Capital LLC for almost 20 years. Richard is an investment banker who focuses on acquisitions, mergers, and capital-raising for consumer-facing companies. He is also a frequent contributor to Forbes Magazine for almost four years now, and with over 35 years specializing in retail, consumer sectors, and retail, he brings to the table expert advice on how to create financial success in a commercial setting.

Buying and selling a company can be an emotional rollercoaster. Whether you’re building your company in hopes of selling it one day or you have intentions of keeping it for the long term, the decisions you make will have an impact on the company’s success and in its capacity to gain and maintain capital. Richard Kestenbaum, who is the co-founder and partner at Triangle Capital LLC, works with founders as they work their way through mergers, acquisitions, and many more aspects of the commercial sector. 

In this week's episode of Wish I'd Known That, host Betsy Pearce interviews Richard Kestenbaum, co-founder and partner of Triangle Capital, about how he helps companies raise capital for their business or to sell control of their business. He talks about the artistic value of a business versus the marketable part of their company, his insights on the selling and buying process while maintaining a flexible mind, and the honest expectation on what happens after the change of control. Stay tuned.